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Do you believe?

A person once challenged me to make him believe that God actually exists while mocking my beliefs saying that the only reason why I probably believe in His existence is because that was how I was brought up and what people inflicted on my mind. If God exists according to him, why is there persecution, famine, calamities and all sorts of disasters in this world? Isn’t He supposed to be a loving and gentle-hearted God? Why does sickness exist? Why do children have to die so young? His arguments went on and on.

Here’s the thing I always believed in God never asking nor having any doubts. I just know He is there and to be honest I never thought about why I should not believe in Him for there is always a part of me that can feel His presence in the midst of everything. But how to prove it to someone who does not believe? That’s another story. I thought deeply and hardly about it trying to grasp for where and what to begin with. I prayed a silent prayer hoping that somehow in my existence, I know the answer or perhaps I will have even just an answer.

For me it all goes back to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Based on historical artifacts He actually existed. That is not a made up story and although there is no living person who can attest that they saw Him walking on this planet, there’s just evidence to prove He did. Now what? We study of course His life and it’s not hard to that. You just grab a copy of the best selling book of all time- the Bible. All his teachings are there. All He wants us to know about God the Father is there. He did not leave us with a questionable faith but still sometimes believing in something is all about taking a leap of faith. A leap that obviously, I am very willing to take. Jesus tells us over and over of God the Father. His Father, Our Father. He told us that He came here to redeem us from our sinfulness so that we can inherit the kingdom of God and be with Him for eternity. He offered us salvation like no one else can. Why is there a need for that? Simply because, we do not belong in this world- this very imperfect and sinful world. God has something more to offer far better than we can ever imagine if we accept Him. That is probably why there are all sort of stuff in this world that will never stop. There are all these imperfections, all these hardships so we can be reminded that this is not our final destination but just a stop over. Jesus told us we are here to prepare for His Kingdom. We are not supposed to embrace this world and store our riches in here an example that Jesus concretely showed when He was nailed on the cross and died for us. During His time, people of Jerusalem thought He would overthrow the Romans and become King of the Jews. Jesus being human was faced with options- to be the King of his people here on earth? Or to follow God’s will and inherit the Kingdom of heaven. One option would have Him serving Satan, other would have Satan serving Him. We are also faced with the same choice everyday. Do we want to do our will or other people’s will in our lives? Or do we want to follow God’s will? I do not know exactly the ending of following our own will but Jesus clearly promised us what will happen if we follow God’s will.

Jesus warned us there would be sufferings. He told us it will not be easy. It’s not a joyride. Yet the rewards in store for us are probably more than we can ever imagine if we know and we believe where we truly belong. For me, Jesus does not need to explain why it should be hard. Just look at Him nailed on the cross. That’s all the explaining we will ever need. He is the Son of God and here on earth, he was humiliated, tortured and suffered what was considered during those times as the most painful kind of death all because He wants us to be with Him. Looking at what we are going through, believing that if we follow God’s will we will have the same ending as Jesus did, it should all look and feel just like a piece of cake.

In my opinion, God has left me enough reason to believe His existence. He has given me more than I could ever ask for that it is just hard to say that I am praying to no one. I am praying to someone. Someone who loves me so dearly, He sacrificed His only begotten Son just so I could be saved. In the end, I don’t know if that will convince my friend enough to believe in God. But if not, I’m gonna pray for him knowing that God can knock him off his disbelief.

Glory and praise to you Father God. I am yours forever!!

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